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JR 2012

It is clarity of speech rather than loudness.  Background noise destroys clarity and increases loudness.  Listening devices can make a difference but how does one make a choice from the plethora of devices available – all are acclaimed by the manufacturers?
Having suddenly lost hearing at age 60 yrs I realized the importance of remaining in contact with the world.  I now have no hearing in my left ear, beautiful as it is ( see photo),  so that a hearing aid cannot help.  I wear a hearing aid in my right ear which initially was moderately severely deaf.  I then explored the devices which are reviewed.

Over time I became increasingly deaf.  This is certainly something to understand.  It can happen and protection of hearing in those who have any hearing loss is vital.

Eventualy I became profoundly deaf and was considered for a cochlear implant.  I met the criteria and was offered surgery.  The operation was in June 2016.

For those who are very severely deaf it is advisable to consider a word of caution before any device is purchased.  If the hearing loss is very profound devices may not help at all.

As someone who likes the open air and walking I have had difficulty in the wind noise in my hearing aid.  Hats are a help, but they are not always comfortable for a hearing aid user and I have been exploring headbands which cover the hearing aid and keep the wind out.  Recently I found a really nice headband supplied by Rohan the sport outfitter. It can be made to cover the hearing aid, but not the ear.  That seems to do the trick.

On quite another matter

A recently published book called Stretchers Not Available is described as a ‘thoroughy good read’. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWbahvOCYfs   It’s a true story about Dr Jim Rickett who was a GP near Portsmouth during the Blitz of 1940. He kept a diary of his work at the time and the things he was forced as of necessity to do like the Caesarian operation done on the dining room table.  Little advice and help was available because of the call up of medics into the army.   Then in 1944 he was sent to set up a hospital on the Adriatic island of Vis to treat the wounded commandos and American forces from raids.  The island was crucial in preventing supplies getting to Hitler at the time of the Normandy Landings.  He had no support from base (even stretchers were not available) and had to operated initially with just a paraffin lamp for light.  They were inundated with work at the time Tito decided to make the island his base.  One reviewer “this powerful book is simultaneously heartrending and exhilarating”.

The Kirkus review labelled it as the best book of 2013.  Praise indeed.

The book is available through the usual channels, Waterstones, Amazon or WH Smith.  It is also available on Kindle and from the publisher, Authorhouse. The cheapest is direct from the publisher, Authorhouse, at £11. ISBN978-1-4670-0898-3