Specification might need be checked with the manufacturer.


Operating Instructions

The instructions were complete and clear.


Neck loop and receiver (battery operated), transmitter (battery operated), connecting cables to scart, and audio jack. There are microphones built into both the transmitter and the receiver. The sound volume received from of each microphone can be independently adjusted from the receiver.

Power supply

Batteries (rechargeable).

  • Batteries have a low power warning
  • Recharge time is 4 hours
  • Transmitting/receiving time on a single charge is 16 hours.

Quality of sound signal

  • Interference can occur due to movement of receiver within the wearer’s clothing.  This can be controlled by care in attaching the clip of the receiver appropriately.  It will only occur when the receiver microphone is switched on.  If the interference cannot be controlled because of movement within the clothing then it might be best to listen through the transmitter microphone alone.
  • The sound signal was constant and reliable though sometimes the signal can be intermittent when one is at some distance from the transmitter.
  • Over what distance can the signal be received – 30 metres – though there was some break up of sound signal the further one goes from the transmitter and between rooms within the house.
  • Length of warranty – 2 years
  • How does it perform in the situations for which it is recommended?   Telecoil  switch is needed on the hearing aid.
  • TV – good clear sound was obtained when the transmitter was put very close to the speaker of the TV.  Scart lead or audio leads can also be used, though with some TV sets (older TVs) the sound from the speakers can be cut with use of the scart and audio lead. If in doubt try it out before accepting the purchase.
  • Tested in a large room committee meeting. The directional microphone of the transmitter – held in the hand – was useful – hearing was greatly improved.  The directional microphone favours sound from the direction to which it is pointed but also receives sound from other sources.
  • Group gatherings. Some benefit is obtained but with increased distance between the transmitting microphone and the speaker some clarity is lost. In a very noisy room or restaurant it is of limited value. It can be very helpful when speeches are made during a formal dinner provided the microphone is place on or near the speaker. I find it particularly helpful to hear wedding speeches.  One can then be sitting at the back and hear perfectly.
  • Car. One person wears the transmitter. There is then very good quality sound. With other people speaking microphone needs to be passed to them. When listening to the radio in the car the microphone should placed as close to the speaker as possible.  Be warned that when using the T coil with any radio transmitter in modern cars there may be an annoying electronic hum.  It is important to check this out if use in the car is contemplated.  This hum can vary a lot – both from day to day and with different cars.
  • Conducted tour of a museum. The tour guide wears the microphone. One is then able to walk around freely looking at exhibits and at the same time keep in touch with the guide provided one is within 30 metres distance. Having the microphone of the receiver turned on allows you to hear conversation of those close around.
  • Some people just do not speak very clearly. It is not simply the volume of their voice but the lack of clarity which it difficult. When the microphone is placed near their voice or directed towards them on a table one can often hear very much more clearly.
  • In church if there is no T coil use can then be made of the Contego by placing the transmitting microphone close to a loudspeaker or is worn by the priest taking the service.


  • The instrument is light, fits easily into a pocket and easy to handle.
  • In comparison with other products does it offer good value for money? I found it is a most useful help in a wide variety of situations. It allows one to keep in touch in group gatherings in which otherwise I would be out of touch. Strongly recommended with the only reservations outlined above.
  • My current Contego is 5 years old and still works well though recently it had to be returned to the makers for a repair (cost £90).  On return from the repair the Contego has worked like new.  I would not be without it.