Golden rules

  • Identify the situations when hearing loss is a nuisance. Should one single occasion (say watching the television) be the problem then there is no advantage in spending money on a more sophisticated listener when there is a simpler solution for that particular purpose.
  • Keep it simple. Don’t buy something which is overcomplicated to use. Be sure you understand the controls and have the dexterity to use them.
  • Know that the makers’ advice about the listeners is exaggerated. In particular the ability to cut down background noise is only a slight help. Some devices having a directional microphone. You should understand that this capability is helpful but is relatively weak.
  • Most important of all is the need not to accept the device until you have tried it out in the different listening situations. If it does not meet your expectations then the device should be returned. I advise the postal wrappings are kept so that it can easily be repacked and posted.
  • In many areas in UK it is possible to loan devices usually for a couple of weeks.  These services are either charitable or run through social services.  They are free.  Enquire locally.  Be warned that some of the devices on loan may be not quite as good as they were when new but it is a service well worth exploring.