Suppliers of Listening Devices

The suppliers below provide internet linked sales. You can request a catalogue is sent.  You are free to enquire about the detail of any individual product and ask any questions.

Some hearing aid shops can supply individual gadgets.  You should enquire. If you prefer face-to-face sales this would be your preferred method.  The supplier should be able to answer any questions but in my experience the advice provided is often very limited.  The sales people normally have good hearing and have difficulty relating to the needs of the average hearing loss sufferer.

Some sales can be very much related to particular products.  It is for this reason that the independent advice of a website like this is helpful.

For a catalogue and for supplies from Action on Hearing Loss (formerly RNID) – go to:-

Supplies and a catalogue from Connevans (FM Genie) go to:- –

Connevans supply a very wide range of equipment for the hard of hearing – well beyond listening devices.  They are also very good at answering questions about the products they sell and their catalogue (which is available on line) has a wealth of information.

Supplies from Gordon Morris – go to:-