Take action on hearing loss – a serious thought

All users of this site are asked to seriously think about joining the charity Action on Hearing Loss www.actiononhearingloss.org.uk/.  The charity (formerly known as Royal National Institute for the Deaf) is dedicated to help all who suffer from loss of hearing and tinnitus.

  • Although there are several charities providing information for those with hearing loss Action on Hearing Loss arguably does more and provides a more complete service.
  • There is quarterly magazine to update you about news and new products.  Details of these are in the catalogue which is available on request (www.actiononhearingloss.org.uk/shop.aspx).
  • The shop provides a point where the devices to help with hearing loss are sold.  Advice is available concerning the products by phone.  In addition they operate a returns policy which I personally can endorse as very good.
  • For television watching there have been campaigns to improve the subtitles and make them more available and to reduce the background noise in magazine programs, documentaries, soaps etc.
  • The charity does an important job at the political level in protection the interests of those who are disabled by loss of hearing.  We forcibly attacked (and won) the recent government cost saving initiative which was to provide only one hearing aid even when deafness affects both ears.
  • They are the only hearing loss charity to support research – with stem cell research very active this is absolutely vital.  In thinking about future generations of hearing loss sufferers a legacy could make all the difference.

The charity is not supported by taxpayer money and depends on us all to keep it going.  Please seriously think of joining.  The cost is only £22 per year (£15 for concessions) – less if paid by direct debit.