Social gatherings, noisy rooms/restaurants

Social gatherings, restaurants and pubs

Radio listeners are the only way.  In a one-to-one situation the transmitting microphone is placed in the best place to hear the conversation.  This might be around the neck of one’s companion or in a strategic place on the table. The receiver is on a neck loop worn by the listener (telecoil setting on the HA is needed) or by means of an ear level receiver.  They are highly effective.  When two or more people are gathered the transmitting microphone can be placed on the table in the middle of the group.  If background noise is present there may be problems – as there are even for those who have ‘normal’ hearing.

When talking in a one-to-one situation one can use the transmitting microphone, hand held, close to the mouth of the person to whom one is talking.  This can be helpful.

I have found that the choice of a carpeted or well furnished room is best and one should ideally sit with one’s back to the wall.  A directional microphone is useful directed away from unwanted sound sources.

If there is an area well away from music then that would make the best choice for a table.  Obviously avoid sitting near any music loud speaker! Reviews of available devices