In the car

In the car

  • A wired personal listener can be used such as the Sonido.  This is inexpensive and simple but makes use of wires and a battery.  For that reason one of the wireless-linked devices is more convenient.

Wireless linked listeners (Reviews of Available Devices) – these versatile listeners require a neck loop (telecoil needed on the HA). The speaker need to talk directly into the mic. They provide very good one-to-one listening.  Background noise prevents hearing of general conversation in the car but a wireless linked listener can be used – this can be hand held and passed to the person who is talking.

In some cars use of the telecoil can result in an electronic hum.  This caused by the telecoil and not by the listening device.  The hum can be a nuisance.  I have noticed the hum is often worse in modern cars with their complicated electronic circuitry.  The point needs checking out before making a final decision at the point of purchase.  Remember always be prepared to return anything which does not meet up with needs.

It is well worth knowing that use can be made of a wireless linked listener to listen to the radio whilst travelling.  If the microphone is placed very close to the speaker, the sound from the speaker drowns out much of the background wind and traffic noise.  Use can be made of this when travelling alone.  In my car the loud speaker is near the floor and so the microphone is best placed attached to my leg – even tucked into a sock.  This is then very effective for listening to the news programs.

Headphones linked to a radio might be tried, but these should not be so efficient as to cut out the sound of car horns, ambulance sirens etc.

Having tried all these methods I now use an ear level receiver and a Roger Pen.  This is the best, but I have to admit that other methods could very well be as good and are, in the main, a lot cheaper.